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Updated: Feb 13, 2023

By Mayra Azanza

Mishmash Meadow is a funny place. There, sometimes, things seem to happen differently from other places. Mistake loves walking around Mishmash Meadow because there is always something fun going on.

That morning, Mistake walked into the bakery. Lilly Lizard, the baker, was worried because instead of chocolate, she added beans to her croissants! She was so sad; they were definitely ruined.

Mistake kept walking and saw Lorenzo Elk, the bike repairman… or elk. He was a bit grumpy because the tires that he got for the bike he was building were not the same size: one was larger than the other.

Carefully, Mistake crossed the street and saw Connie Macaw, the toy repair bird. She dropped the box of toy spare parts and now all the pieces were mixed, there was no way that she could possibly put together the doll she thought about!

Lastly, Mistake walked into the ice cream shop. Richard Bear, the owner, was very concerned because he mixed two very different flavors of ice cream and now, they were ruined!

Mistake's eyes glistened with excitement. The potential of all the problems that people in the stores were having was fascinating to our dear furry friend!

Running down the street with its green leg longer than the orange one and its tail waving behind it, Mistake entered Lilly Lizard’s bakery and asked her for a sample of the so-called ruined batch of croissants. They had a different taste and texture and Mistake liked them so much Mistake bought a dozen to share.

Then he went into the bike repair shop and convinced Lorenzo Elk to build together a bike that worked perfectly for Mistake’s lopsided body!

The next stop was Connie Macaw’s toy repair shop. Mistake grabbed a bunch of random parts and made the weirdest, funniest looking toy, silly and lopsided just like Mistake itself.

Mistake was so inspired he went into Richard Bear’s creamery and asked him to share a sample of this mix of flavors. Mistake opened its eyes very big and had to spit the ice cream out! That was not a good flavor at all. Richard and Mistake laughed so hard and together created other flavors, including one with lots of sprinkles and chocolate chips, Mistake’s favorite.

Mistake was so happy with this experience, that it went on the street and danced a little silly dance that made Lilly Lizard, Lorenzo Elk, Connie Macaw, and Richard Bear laugh and forgets about their mishaps.

When Mistake saw its friends were no longer sad or worried but happy and smiling, it climbed on a bench and said: “We are used to focusing on the failures and we forget about the potential each mistake has. Sometimes we think we ruined something when in fact, it’s actually a clever new idea. Other times, these new ideas and mistakes don’t work, but they teach us a lot about ourselves, like the power of laughing because of them. Never underestimate the power of your mistakes, at the very least they’ll teach you something new.”

Ever since that day, all the business owners at Mishmash Meadow commemorate on the same date inventions by Mistake. Everyone creates something new, and nothing is ever too silly to be shared with their community, because after all, success is a mistake that never gave up.

Key Points:

  1. Where other people saw failure, Mistake saw innovation and creativity

  2. The business owners thought they ruined something because the results were different than expected.

  3. Mistake shows that innovation comes from anywhere - a new recipe, a unique toy, or a new design.

  4. We should celebrate and even promote going out of our comfort zone.

  5. Have you ever created something fun, interesting, or innovative by mistake? Share it with us:

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