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Celebrating mistakes as stepping stones to growth

Nurture, Empower, Inspire, & Connect

Love Ur Mistakes reframes failure and imperfections by embracing mistakes as learning opportunities. Mistakes are viewed as stepping stones toward success and self-discovery. At Love Ur Mistakes, individuals find a safe space to share and own their missteps, receiving encouragement and valuable lessons. 


We nurture stronger parent-child connections in an empowering environment where sharing mistakes and failures yields meaningful learning. We create enriching content to help parents guide their kids in transforming mistakes into growth opportunities. We inspire parents and educators to establish a foundation for open communication about small and big mistakes.

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Hi, my name is Hagit. I am an experienced educator specializing in early childhood education. I develop and teach educational, cultural, and art programs for students, parents, and educators. I am passionate about creating content that helps parents grow and strengthen their relationships with their children. 


The Love Ur Mistakes journey started with a mother, Mayra Azanza, who wanted to teach her daughter that mistakes are okay and can be great learning opportunities. I met Mayra and the Mistake doll shortly after and was deeply touched by the message. As an educator, I immediately saw a world of content that could help spread the important message of the adorable Mistake doll. I enthusiastically shared my ideas with Mayra, who invited me to join her on this adventure. A humble doll became a learning experience, teaching children early on that it's okay to fail as part of our journey to success. After three wonderful years working together, co-founder Mayra Azanza moved on to new incredible and creative opportunities. 


I am continuing to celebrate mistakes as stepping stones to growth.

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