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What You Will Need
  1. An even number of Plastic Eggs (Easter Eggs) or any small containers

  2. A Variety of foods that can fit in the eggs/containers with different textures that will produce different sounds when being shaken in the egg/container (uncooked pasta, candy, cut up veggies, fruits, etc.)

  3. Masking Tape (to close the eggs) and to label the egg/container

  4. Pen and Paper

How to Play
  1. Assemble 2 eggs containing the same food item. (Beforehand)

  2. Label each egg with a number and write down which numbers match with each other. (Beforehand)

  3. Once all the eggs are assembled, have your child start shaking the eggs to discover the different sounds.

  4. Have your child see if they can find the matching sounds. For an extra challenge: Don’t tell your child what food was put in the eggs/containers and see if they can guess what food is in each pair.

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