Hi! I am Mistake and I am here to help you learn from your mistakes and grow from your failures.


We are a platform where children, parents and educators can find resources to cope and learn from mistakes in a positive, enriching and fun way!


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Lital Cohen

Lital Cohen

Professional Facilitator, Owner of CORE

Mistake is an essential product in any house with kids. It's not easy to admit when we are wrong / angry / hurt. Mistake is there to support any feelings we might have and helps us to get though challenges in a comforting and educating way.

Martín Zúñiga

Martín Zúñiga

professional soccer goalie in Mexico

“This is a very important project especially for children, so they can learn that in order to succeed we have to embrace our mistakes.”


Maria Elisa Aranda

Actress and Entrepreneur

“I gave a Mistake doll to each of the two actors I was sharing stage with, as a message of embracing every learning opportunity that comes with not being perfect. They loved it so much, Mistake even went out on stage with us!”


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Our Story

When 10YO Karen was erasing frantically on her sheet of paper sheet, co-founder Mayra (Karen's mom) asked her what was going on. Her face blushed as she covered her drawing she said "nothing, just a silly mistake".  Mayra sensed an opportunity to open Karen's horizons so she created the doll Mistake and left it at her bedroom door in the morning with the following note:

Dear Karen,

My name is Mistake and I just happen. Nobody plans on me; nobody is expecting me with joy....

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