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Celebrating mistakes as stepping stones to growth


Nurture, Empower, Inspire, & Connect


Love Ur Mistakes reframes failure and imperfections by embracing mistakes as learning opportunities. Mistakes are viewed as stepping stones toward success and self-discovery. At Love Ur Mistakes, individuals find a safe space to share and own their missteps, receiving encouragement and valuable lessons. 


We nurture stronger parent-child connections in an empowering environment where sharing mistakes and failures yields meaningful learning. We create enriching content to help parents guide their kids in transforming mistakes into growth opportunities. We inspire parents and educators to establish a foundation for open communication about small and big mistakes.

Hagit & Mistake


Hey friends! I'm Mistake, the silly, clumsy, and colorful buddy at Love Your Mistakes! Have you ever accidentally put your shoes on the wrong feet, spilled milk all over the kitchen counter, or messed up your drawing? Me too!


But guess what? Making mistakes is totally okay! That's why we're all about having fun and owning our oopsies at Love Your Mistakes. Whether you mix up your crayon colors or forget your lunchbox at home, there's always something new to discover.


So, let's hop, skip, and jump into this wild ride together, where every stumble is just another chance to laugh and grow. Come on, pals, let's make some silly mistakes and turn them into awesome adventures! 


LoveUrMistakes Club

LoveUrMistakes Club

LoveUrMistakes Club