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We are a platform where children, parents and educators can find resources to cope and learn from mistakes in a positive, enriching and fun way!

Lital Cohen

Lital Cohen

Professional Facilitator, Owner of CORE

Mistake is an essential product in any house with kids. It's not easy to admit when we are wrong / angry / hurt. Mistake is there to support any feelings we might have and helps us to get though challenges in a comforting and educating way.

Martín Zúñiga

Martín Zúñiga

professional soccer goalie in Mexico

“This is a very important project especially for children, so they can learn that in order to succeed we have to embrace our mistakes.”


Maria Elisa Aranda

Actress and Entrepreneur

“I gave a Mistake doll to each of the two actors I was sharing stage with, as a message of embracing every learning opportunity that comes with not being perfect. They loved it so much, Mistake even went out on stage with us!”


Meet Mistake

Every antenna is a different color, 

the length of the legs are uneven, 

there is a different number of fingers on each hand, 

the colors and textures do not match. 

What a beautiful imperfection!


Mistake was created for children and those who are young at heart. Making many mistakes itself, Mistake gets excited when we make them too, because that means we are daring to try new things and we are learning.


Mistake loves and understands everyone without any judgement, because owning your mistakes builds character, but most importantly, mistakes do not define you!



Mistake Club's mission is to empower kids by teaching them to embrace mistakes & imperfection. We use toys, books, activities, videos and a digital magazine to bring educational content to kids, parents, and caretakers. 

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Our Story

When 10YO Karen was erasing frantically on her sheet of paper sheet, co-founder Mayra (Karen's mom) asked her what was going on. Her face blushed as she covered her drawing she said "nothing, just a silly mistake".  Mayra sensed an opportunity to open Karen's horizons so she created the doll Mistake and left it at her bedroom door in the morning with the following note:

Dear Karen,

My name is Mistake and I just happen. Nobody plans on me; nobody is expecting me with joy....

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 Our Team 

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Mayra Azanza

Mayra Azanza is an awarded artist who creates alebrijes for private collectors. She’s also an Emmy nominated TV producer with over a decade of experience in creating original content for the Latino audience.


Her previous startup, VozTV, generated over 3 million views weekly in its original streaming video platform.


She created the character Mistake using the sewing skills she learned from her grandmother in her native country Guanajuato, Mexico, where she obtained her BS in Marketing from the Universidad de León.


Mayra lives in Silicon Valley with her husband and her two children.

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Hagit Segal

Hagit Segal’s background is as diverse as her lively mind.  She was born and raised in Israel. She has a B.Ed. in early childhood and an MBA. Her educational journey includes studying in Israel, Denmark, Norway, the United States, and Germany. 


When she’s not empowering children through fun art classes, she can be 

Found spending time with her daughter and husband, walking her 2 rescue dogs, 

traveling around the world and enjoying any expression or art or volunteering in the community.


Mistake is where Hagit pours her passion and talents into so that she can inspire children to love and embrace everything about themselves.

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Katie Prokop

Katie received her Bachelor of Music Education from the University of Minnesota Duluth. She has been a certified music teacher for over a decade teaching EC-12 music in Tennessee and Texas. Her primary teaching experience is in elementary music, PreK-5.


Along with teaching, Katie is a musician singing and playing trumpet with several Austin, TX area bands playing rock and roll to retro style music. She also enjoys making music with her toddler son, spending time with her husband and cuddling with her cat.


Katie helps with the growth of the company by developing new curriculum and content to foster children’s creativity, while providing administrative services.

Gabriel Azanza

Gabriel Azanza

Gabriel makes sure that every product we envision comes to life with the best materials and procedures, on time, from concept to delivery.


His problem-solving skills, creativity and fun personality makes him an innovator in the manufacturing process.He is a seasoned sales person and an experienced product designer.


Gabriel has a degree of industrial design from Universidad de La Salle (formerly known as Universidad del Bajío) and holds a postgraduate degree in shoe design. 


“I am constantly searching for new challenges, learning and perfecting my skills is my passion. My personal focus is on continuous growth, personally and professionally”