Mistake & Teachers


Mistake's mission is to empower children by promoting resilience through teaching them how to embrace mistakes and imperfection. 


We use toys, books, activities, videos and newsletters to bring educational content to kids, parents, and educators. 


Teachers, pods, and homeschool parents who subscribe to our program receive a monthly digital magazine “Mistake of the Month” where we feature an in-depth monthly topic. 


Each monthly subscription includes:

  • Original story by Mistake for kids - we always include a pdf version that is easier for early readers to read and to be presented as a class read aloud.

  • CASEL scoped SEL lesson plans - One 20 minute lesson + two 10 minute follow up lessons.

  • Interview with a featured author  - See example of our interview with Patrice Karst about her books: The Invisible Leash and The Invisible String

  • Recommended books and movies - 

  • Fun activities for all ages - Including art, music, social and other activities.

  • Interviews with experts - See example of our interview with Dr. Patch Adams about humor and laughter.

  • Masterclass with an A-list guest - See example of our interview with Rich Maloy

  • Teacher’s Insight - Teachers sharing their experiences related to the featured topic. 

  • Tips and articles for parents and educators - 

  • And more!


For only $100 per year teachers receive a fantastic wealth of information about topics very relevant to children’s lives and emotional world.