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The first thing that comes to mind when we think about innovation is science. Our lives have changed dramatically thanks to scientific developments from light bulbs to smartphones and autonomous cars. We would like to suggest that inspiration for innovation is all around us, sometimes in the most unexpected places.


Entrepreneur & author Brian Weisfeld was inspired by his oldest daughter and founded The Startup Squad, an organization that empowers young girls to develop important life skills, follow their passions, and reach their potential. Click here to watch the interview


Kathryn Haydon, an expert on creativity and innovation shares with us ways to spot creative strengths so that we can help kids understand their creative strengths, reduce their anxiety, and maximize their achievements. Click here to read the interview


This month’s featured author, Katey Howes wrote several children’s books about innovation. She talks about the importance of kids and grown-ups recognizing that “mistakes and failures are a vital part of every creative process.”  Click here to read the interview


Science writer, podcaster and saxophonist, Ashley Hamer, shares her views about how mistakes and science discoveries are intertwined, and she shares some of the many inventions that have happened by mistake.Click here to watch the interview


Kitt Hirasaki, Product Designer in Silicon Valley shares how the most innovative place in the world could not introduce all the amazing advancements to the world without failing multiple times in the process.  Click here to watch the interview

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