Turn mistakes into fun games

Back in 1999 I worked as a counsellor at a summer camp in Pennsylvania. I was in charge of the cooking program for kids ages 5-11. My English was ok at the time but definitely far from perfect. I was worried that the kids would make fun of me and tried to prepare as much as I could before my sessions. That didn’t help and I got stuck so many times, forgetting or not knowing how to say a name of a kitchen item or ingredient (for example: ladle). 

To my big shock, not only did the kids not laugh, but they tried to help out. I was so moved and touched by them, and I suggested that we would make this into a game. Every time they would help me with English, I would teach them words of their choice in Hebrew. This turned out to be so much fun. They would wait for my mistakes so that they could help and learn new words in Hebrew. 

What I learned from these outstanding kids is that your mistakes can actually be beneficial to you and others. 

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