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My daughter is 4 y.o. She is not nearly into art as I am and it’s not her favorite activity to do. Her art projects look like any other projects of any other kids her age, yet I keep most of her artwork. Some of it is in a big plastic bins and some art is framed and hung on the wall of her playroom.

I don’t choose the most “beautiful” paintings, instead I look for meaningful work like the first time she drew a triangle or used a new art supply.

Why would I put so much effort into storing and displaying art of a 4 year-old?

I want to show her that she is seen and respected

Seeing her art framed, hung and displayed on the wall gives Gal the affirmation that her work is worthy. I hope that this would build her confidence and sense of self-worth so that when faced with challenges in life she would believe in her ability to overcome and grow from them. I want her to know that her work is important enough to be displayed.

I want to keep her positive memories alive

When Gal looks at her art on the wall, she doesn’t care what it looks like and she is not concerned with what other people think of her work. She gets excited about the time we spent together making it. She remembers the supplies she used, where she made it, and who shared the experience with her. This reassures her that she is loved and important.

Gal’s art gallery includes one drawing that was made by her preschool teacher. She gave it to Gal when we moved away with a touching note. I wanted gal to remember this beautiful sentiment and made sure that she can always see it.

Hanging art on the wall is NOT the only way to show your kids that you see and appreciate them. Each family finds its own ways to encourage and support each other. You can find great advice and tools to encourage your kids when they make art in Mistake of the Month newsletter.

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