The Overwhelming Shelter In Place

*Important previous note: If you feel this shelter in place is giving you too much stress and that you can’t do it anymore, send us a direct message. We’ll treat your communication with a great deal of respect and connect you with a professional that will help you, you are not alone.*

I am juggling what feels like too many balls in the air. Overnight, just like many of you, because of the pandemic and shelter in place orders I became a Kindergarten and Middle school teacher, on top of being a mom, an entrepreneur etc.

I feel insecure because I am doing a job I haven’t been trained for and even though I wake up as early as 5:30 am, it’s noon in the blink of an eye and I feel like I have done nothing but putting away fires all over the place.

This is when my little Mistake monster, always sitting on my work table, brings peace to my mind. I look at its uneven arms, unmatched colors, weird legs, all those imperfections telling me “You will make mistakes and that’s fine.”

Having a physical reminder that, just like everybody else, I am not perfect; that we’re constantly making mistakes and that’s how it should be, that I can keep striving for excellence without being too tough on anyone… is priceless.

As I continue juggling whatever this shelter in place throws at me while I reinvent myself yet again, this time as a teacher, I try to keep one constant thought: Making mistakes is okay because after all, success is a mistake that never gave up.

At Mistake Club we have resources to alleviate the pressure of becoming an overnight homeschooler, one mistake at a time. Register at for free downloadable materials that will inspire out-of-the-box thinking for everyone around the house. You are not perfect. And that by itself, is perfection. #loveyourmistakes #mistakeclub #mistakes #parenthood #shelterinplace

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