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Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Since the day that I was born, I have been unique.

You see… I came out of an odd egg that was shaped more like a cylinder than an egg. It was colorful and fluffy, like a pillow.

When I came out of that egg, it became clear that I was very different from the rest of the inhabitants of Mishmash Meadow.

My tummy is round and fluffy, my head is big to host my big, round, different-colored eyes. My head is crowned with two antennas. To make things even more interesting, my colors don’t match.

Learning to write was a challenge because I am left-handed, and I have three fingers in my left arm! So, holding the pencil was interesting, to say the least.

My right leg is longer and skinnier than my left and that makes me limp and wobble when I walk. Playing sports is not easy.

My tail is so long it gets caught in branches, fences, and doors because it has a dark, fluffy tuft at the tip.

I may feel odd at times, but I know every single part of my body has a function. My limping legs have taken me to woods and lakes, my big eyes have shown me art and beauty, my uneven arms have hugged my loved ones and comforted friends in despair. My shaggy fur has kept me warm; my long tail gives me balance; my antennas keep me in tune with my environment.

The many different colors in my body make me and my friends smile every day. My body is far from perfect if you compare it to anyone else’s. But for me, it is simply who I am.

There’s more to a body than its appearance. My body is a rainbow of engines that move me, a colorful spectacle of emotions that make me feel alive, a collection of ideas, feelings, memories that can move, a unique machine that allows me to observe, listen, smell, taste, and touch, and I am happy to teach anyone around me about that.

Next time you look at yourself in the mirror, think of all the fantastic things about it. I surely do.


  1. Our body may not look perfect and that’s ok!

  2. Everyone looks different and that’s what makes us unique.

  3. The more we understand & acknowledge the complex things our body does for us the better we can appreciate it.

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