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Neta Shani is a pediatric acupuncturist and sensory balancing practitioner specializing in sensory and emotional processing challenges. Over the years she has acquired an extensive knowledge on these subjects and kept adding more tools to help her better address each child’s specific needs.

Her goals were not only to improve each patients’ overall being by what the work done in her clinic, but also to provide families with “homework” they could easily implement at home for the purpose of empowering both child and parents, while improving their communication skills as a family.

Neta has been acquainted with SPD through her own kids and learned the importance of first acknowledging their emotions, observing how they deal with them, and working with them on solutions that will make a difference in the long term as well. Therefore, it is not surprising that the games in MyE-motions are all family creations where the kids have been involved in the concepts and in every step of planning. MyE-motions is about games that are from my family - to yours!


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