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Updated: Mar 17

If you're going to watch one interview about divorce - this is the one I recommend! We have interviewed so many wonderful experts on divorce and each one of them has Brough a unique and thought provoking perspective on the subject. However, being a child who experienced the abuse of parental alienation I feel that this is the most painful affect of divorce to kids. Please take the time to watch all the videos of our interview with Dr. Jennifer Harman on our YouTube channel:

Dr. Jennifer J. Harman is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Colorado State University. She is an award-winning teacher and researcher based on her research on the topic of parental alienation, which has been the primary focus of her research for the last 10 years.

She has published over a dozen peer-reviewed, scientific articles and studies on the topic, as well as several book chapters and a book. She has conducted training programs for mental and legal health professionals in several U.S. states on the topic of parental alienation, is the President of the International Council on Shared Parenting, and is on the Board of Directors of the Parental Alienation Study Group.


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