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Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Mistake was walking down a beautiful meadow in Mishmashland. It was a very cold, snowy but sunny morning, perfect for sledding down the hill. There he was, peacefully walking, thinking of Roly-Polys (did you know that Mistake likes thinking of roly polys?) when a colorful lighting bolt passed right through him!

What was that? Mistake was so confused. He stopped for a second, looked left and right with his big eyes, but couldn’t see anything. He shrugged, convinced it was just his imagination. Anyway, where was he? Ah yes, Mistake was walking down the beautiful, cold, snowy-but-sunny meadow, thinking of Roly-Polys… when again! The fast, colorful lightning bolt! Only this time it crashed with him!

Off Mistake went, rolling down the path, his uneven legs all tangled in his tail, snow all over his fur, he was very confused. As he incorporated, he saw something… or was it someone?

He walked slowly towards whatever that was, being cautious not to startle it. He picked a little branch on the way there, just for caution, and kept getting closer, carefully stretching one leg, keeping his body as far away as possible, then stretching his other leg. That’s a very hard task when your legs are uneven, you know?

When he was close enough, he saw a little ball of fur, covered in snow and shivering. It was a bit bigger than a tennis ball, and he thought it wouldn’t really harm him, but still he didn’t want to risk it, so he poked it with the branch.

The ball of fur jumped off the snow, lots of shiny colors, two big shiny eyes, one big tooth, one star on its head and two little legs that looked like an elephant’s. It was so scared; its mouth was wide open, and it seemed like it was screaming… but no sound came out of its mouth.

Mistake got a little startled, but not really scared, so he came closer to the little one that was now running around in circles on the path, leaving a mark of mud on the ground. He stopped it with his yellow hand with three fingers and put it on his palm.

“Well… hello there!” Said Mistake

The little fur ball was still shaking - and tried to tell him something but no sound came out of its mouth.

“What’s going on?” Mistake asked again. The little ball of fur tried again, but no sound came out.

The little ball of fur opened its mouth wide, and it looked like it was crying really loudly, tears squirting out of its eyes like a fountain… but no sound.

“What happened?” Asked a voice.

Mistake turned around, holding the little ball of fur close to his chest to keep it warm. It was Little Turtle, hearing a scarf so thick it almost covered his entire face.

“This little friend is very scared,” Mistake said “but it seems like he or she cannot speak. We have to help!”

Little Turtle came closer to the ball of fur, examining the eyes and the legs.

“Say ‘Aaaah!’”- asked Little Turtle

The ball of fur opened a big wide mouth with a big white tooth. Little Turtle looked inside

“Mhh hmm… I see… Yeah… I don’t know what I’m looking at. I’m not even a doctor,” said Little Turtle. And left, as fast as he could. Which was not fast at all.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! I can help! I can help!” said another little voice. It was Amber the Hare, who’s always eager to help. “What seems to be the problem?” She asked.

“My friend here seems to have lost their voice,” said Mistake.

“Ah…” she said and took the ball of fur on her palms “let’s do a quick checkup. Can you do this?” Amber jumped on one leg. The ball of fur did too.

“You can! That’s awesome! Now… Can you do this?” Amber clapped her hands.

The little ball of fur frowned their big eyes and shook their heads.

“Ah, yes. You have no hands. Well, can you… jump as high as me?”

They both jumped for a minute, until Mistake asked what had all that jumping to do with the ball of fur not speaking. “Err… nothing” Amber shrugged. “We’re just having fun! But now I must go. Bye!” And as quick as she showed up, she was gone.

Mistake left out a big sigh, hugging the ball of fur close to him. He took it on both of his hands and looked into their eyes “I really want to help you, but I don’t know how” the ball of fur’s eyes went very sad, and a big tear rolled down to the snow. It was such beautiful scenery: snow-covered meadow, some trees and a slight murmur of the water running down.

Then a bird started singing. The ball of fur’s eyes opened wide, and it started jumping up and down. When the bird stopped singing, the ball of fur stopped dancing. “Oh… I think I know what to do!” said Mistake.

“Hey! Joe!” called Mistake. The bird flew to Mistake and the ball of fur. “Hi Mistake!” sang Joe the bird.

“This is my friend… Uh… I don’t know their name… but they can’t talk, and your music seems to work… Can you please sing something for them?”

“I am always singing!” the bird sang. “I’d be delighted”

Joe sang a simple couple of notes. The ball of fur repeated the song! “It’s working!” Said Mistake. They tried again. The ball of fur did it again. Mistake was so happy! “You can sing!” he said “Maybe… Can you sing your name to me?” The ball of fur took a deep breath, closed their eyes, opened a wide mouth with a big white tooth and sang “Guuuuuuuul… Guuuuuuul.”

A drawing of Gulgul  by Peleg Elkayam
A drawing of Gulgul by Peleg Elkayam

“Gul Gul?” both asked

“Gulgul!” She sang “Gulgul is a girl” she sang and danced.

All three friends sang and danced, Little Turtle came back (he was only a few feet away anyways) to jo

in the party and Amber jumped back. It became a musical celebration for a new friendship.

Now music is Gulgul’s life, and she has a song for every occasion! Gulgul and Mistake became best friends and love spending time making new songs.

Sometimes it is difficult to communicate what we want to say, but music can be our best tool. Is there anything you would like to say through a song? Please send it to us at

Key Points:

  1. Mistake tried to help Galgul despite not knowing her at first.

  2. A friendship was formed based on kindness and shared interest.

  3. Galgul expressed herself via music when she could not use words.

  4. Mistake paid attention and figured out a way to help his new friend.

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