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Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Growing up in the U.S, I have experienced the negative culture surrounding periods and womanhood. When I started my cycle, my mom bought me hygienic pads and instructed me on how to use them. The end. I was not supposed to tell anyone else or mention the new changes happening in my body despite my confusion.

I was briefly aware of why I was bleeding, yet the changes happening in my body and my sex organ would begin to take a larger part in my life from that point on.

I remember disliking the pads for their clunkiness and the huge mess they would generate. I soon learned about tampons at school by overhearing a girl instructing her friend in the locker room. Through my asserted desire to improve my quality of life during my period, I used tampons with the help of instruction manuals and google.

At this point, I had made a decision about how I would take care of my body. The decision was tampons over pads, practicality over comfortability. I thought these were the only two options as I had not been exposed to any other methods. That was until I arrived at a women’s womb yoga circle. Through conscious connection with our womb and bodily movements, I learned about the importance of tuning into our sex organs and their power. After the exercise was complete, we had some time to share our experiences and thoughts.

I first heard about the menstrual cup as a woman shared her experience of using her collected blood as a face mask. At the time, I could not imagine putting my period blood on my face, but the interaction opened my mind to a third option, A moon cup. I have to admit I did feel hesitant to purchase the moon cup for $25, which seemed like a huge investment. So, for a month, I delayed buying the cup. I was hesitant until the next time I was on my period, I was out with friends when I realized I had run out of tampons and was miles away from the closest store.

I recognized various benefits to using a moon cup, and the ability to constantly reuse it was a big one worth the “big investment.” I immediately bought a moon cup, and since then, I have been using it. I love my moon cup as it is with me every period and helps me collect the nutrients from my body every month.

I’ve also been introduced to the practice of using your period blood as fertilizer for plants. Interestingly enough, fertilizer and period blood share the following nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are perfect for nurturing plant life. These practices and rituals have deepened my connection with my period and the earth.

As a result, I have taken a more open-minded approach to my period and realize it’s not something to be ashamed of but rather celebrated and taken care of. I hope you can share and celebrate your feminine cycle with yourself, the women around you, and our mother earth.

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