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Updated: May 10

Tova Leigh, a woman of many talents, initially embarked on a career in Labor Law, spending two years as an attorney. However, her passion for the arts led her to transition into acting. Armed with an MA in performing arts and a diploma in scriptwriting, Tova ventured into the world of writing, acting, and producing, creating a diverse portfolio of short films and a TV pilot.

In her successful blog - My Thoughts About Stuff - she shares her struggles as a mom with other women. Her viral online series 'Mom Life Crisis' became a documentary film on Amazon Prime Video. Tova is the author of the books 'F*cked at 40: Life Beyond Suburbia, Monogamy and Stretch Marks' and 'You Did What?'. 

Tova also co-hosts a weekly podcast, 'Till Death Do Us Pod,' with her husband, Mike. She has a successful one-woman comedy show, which she took on tour worldwide. She is a mother of three girls and lives in London. Check out Tovah's website:

In her interview with Mistake Club, Tovah mentions that feeling fat or ugly has nothing to do with our appearance. She talks about how society emphasizes the wrong things in life and how we must focus on what matters, like our relationships. 

Another interesting point is, 'You don't have to love your body.' There is so much that we should appreciate about our body's functionality, and it is essential to recognize those things instead of focusing on what we think we should look like. Tovah's insights are priceless, and I highly recommend that you watch the videos below. 

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