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Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Ebere Azumah, MD, MPH, FACOG, ACC

Ob/Gyn, Public Health Professional and a Life Coach

Bria Gadsden, MS

Public Health Professional and Community Health Educator

Why did you co-write the book Mya Learns About Menstruation?

There are many myths surrounding menstruation. The myths became reality to us as we continue to provide community education to the communities in Boston, Washington DC, and glob

ally. There are people who think talking about menstruation equates to asking people who menstruate to become sexually active.

How is this book different from other books about menstruation?

It is different because it was written by us, who have experience with menstruation (smiling). Bria and I are very unique because we are passionate about empowering black and brown youths during an important time in their lives, menstruation!

This book is different because our community motivated us to write it. They wanted to hear more about menstruation and to have a simple tool to provide answers for those uncomfortable talking about menstruation.

Who is the target audience for the book?

The book is for those who appreciate the work we do in our organization: Love Your Menses. It’s for the black and brown youth who want to see representation in the STEM society. It’s for the allies who want to see more black and brown youth succeed. Our view is for America to continue to be great, we need everyone to succeed regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic status.

Why did you choose the Q & A style?

As a Life Coach, we have been trained to stimulate change through Q & A. We borrowed that principle and have found it to be powerful. It forces people to think as they go along. It allows the youth reading it not to feel alone and understand that asking questions is normal. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

What responses have you received about the book from readers?

We have received BOTH good and recently bad responses. For those who need it the most, they think the book should be banned. They believe we are influencing the way people think.

What is the story behind co-founding the organization Love Your Menses?

Bria and I have different reasons for starting the organization. Bria has a personal history in which she publicly speaks about. Her history of dysmenorrhea (painful periods) and not “loving her menses.” She has learned to love it in spite of the pain she goes through.

For me, I understood Bria’s vision from a patient’s perspective. I also understand it as a physician. I saw Love Your Menses as an empowerment tool for black and brown youth. A tool that could help to shape their lives as they progress into “adulthood.” I see it as a contribution to society! We see it as a movement: Loving your menses is a tool for loving yourself. To flow through life unapologetically!

What is the problem you identified?

The problem is people are not understanding our work and politicizing it. We are not a political group but an educational platform that wants to promote menstrual equity in the United States and worldwide. Although menstruation is something people have experienced for thousands of years, it is still viewed as taboo. This negatively impacts an adolescent first period experience: they sometimes feel ashamed and uninformed. There is nothing political about menstrual health education. Menstruation is a natural bodily process that many people experience, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, geographic location, disability, or sexual orientation.

What is the solution you offer to the problem?

The problem: Menstrual Inequity, Social injustice, Lack of health education

Solution: Menstrual equity, empowerment, sisterhood, and leadership development to create empowered individuals who will become change agents in their communities.

How can people support your effort?

Purchase “Mya Learns About Menstruation” on Amazon

Download our period mobile app, Our Flow

On Apple Store or Google Store.

Visit our website

Read our blog, “The Fifth by Love Your Menses”

Make a financial contribution

Volunteer with us

Follow/Like us on social media and share with your friends

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