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We are excited and proud to feature this month’s author, Diane Alber. Diane has written and illustrated a series of children’s books that inspire art and creativity in children. She hopes these books encourage parents to be proud of their children’s art work no matter what it looks like. This is what Diane wrote to our subscribers:

My name is Diane and I love mistakes!!! Especially in art, it forces you to “look outside of the box” and learn something new! When children are first learning how to draw, they want things to be perfect, but the imperfections are what make art so unique!

The book Splatter actually came from my son spilling some paint accidentally on one of his paintings and wanted to throw it away. I showed him how even a little splatter of paint can turn into something amazing. You just need a little creativity and imagination!

You can find Diane’s books and videos of her stories on her website:

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