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Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Mix & Match Body Collage

The purpose of this activity is to look at body image with humor and show our children that there are endless types of bodies. .


Old magazines



Blank papers

  1. Flip through the old magazines and cut out pictures of people.

  2. cut the heads and other body parts.

  3. Take a blank page and start placing different heads with different bodies.

  4. Make cool, funny, and unique combinations. Take photos of the ones you like the most.

  5. You can glue your favorite body collages when you’re done playing.

  6. You can add a quote about body image.


The purpose of this activity is to show children that there is more to their bodies than their appearance.


Cardboard / canvas / a sturdy base / hot glue / any liquid school glue

Daily items around the house that represent your child


  1. Talk about things that describe us: hobbies, favorite food/color/song/movie, etc.

  2. Once you have a list for each family member, think together about items that could represent your portraits. For example, something pink for your favorite color, dry pasta for your favorite food, a paintbrush for art, or a small ball and goggles if needed, for your favorite sport. Find as many items as possible.

  3. The items will become a part of your art project so choose items that are not in use..

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