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Pastastic Art

Take different types and shapes of dry pasta. Paint them in different colors. Once they dry, glue them on a piece of cardboard, canvas, or paper. You can create an abstract artwork or draw something and glue thepasta to create your finished artwork.

Random Meal

Take 5 jars and mark them with the following parts of a meal: (1) vegetable (2) carb (3) protein (4) fruit (as dessert) (5) drink.

Each family member chooses one option for each part of the meal. Write or draw your choice and put it in the appropriate jar. Shake the jars for all the choices to mix and then pick one note from each jarand create your family dinner together.

Family Recipe

Choose one dish that you would like to make together (omelet, muffin, etc.). Each family member gets to choose 1-2 ingredients for the family recipe. Once you have the recipe ready, make it together and taste it. Do you like it? Would you change anything? Repeat the process until you get the best family recipe for the dish.

Food Tales

Look at your dinner plate and think of a story of how this food was created. Where was it grown? Who is the farmer who created it? How fardid it travel? Why does it have the color you see? What would the food tell you if it could talk?

Food Mood

Go around the dinner table and have each family describe howthey feel through the description of food (e.g. I am in love like peanut butter loves jelly or I am angry like a hot spicy pepper.)

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