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Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Family Fun - Random Poem
  1. Cut paper into 1”x 3” pieces.

  2. Pick up a magazine or a book you like.

  3. Each family member should choose 5-10 single words and write them on the little pieces of paper you cut.

  4. Put all the pieces in a bowl.

  5. Each family member picks up one piece of paper and writes it down in the order in which the words were picked from the bowl (up to 5 words in every line).

  6. By the end of the game, you’ll have a unique poem created by your family.

Altered Books Art
  1. The art of altering books changes books from their original form into a different form, altering their appearance and/or meaning. If you have an old book that is falling apart, keep it! You can give the book a new life by using it in your art.

  2. Choose a random page and mark the words you like best by drawing a rectangle around them.

  3. Once all of the chosen words are marked, start connecting them in any way you choose (creating a meaning or randomly) by drawing paths from one to another.

  4. When all of your words are connected you can draw something around them, black out the other words on the page or just doodle around them.

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