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Something to Remember:

  1. Each parent writes a letter to each of their children, so that they have something from them when they’re with the other parent.

  2. Every child will draw/write a letter to each of the parents to remind them how much they love them when they’re apart.

  3. The letter is important because loving words are very powerful. In addition to the letter, you can make jewelry, make a painting, or take a picture that will be hung at the house of the other parent.

Family Calendar:

  1. Print a calendar with boxes big enough to decorate (see example). Assign colors/shapes/words to the kids’ schedule so they can easily see when they’ll spend time with each parent.

  2. This will hopefully help the kids when they miss their parents and have something to look forward to and see that life goes on.

  3. Mom & Dad get extra points if they’re able to schedule on gathering a month/quarter where both parents do something fun with the kids.

Words of Encouragement:

  1. Each family member has a blank page with their name on top of it.

  2. Move your page to the right. Every family member now writes at least one thing they like about the person whose page they received.

  3. Keep moving the papers to the right until everyone has a chance to write something nice about everyone else. The last page you fill out is the one with your name on the top. Yes! Write something nice about yourself.

  4. It’s important that the kids see the parents write kind words about each other.

  5. With younger children you can draw instead of writing.

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