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Calming Kit

  1. Create a kit with items that help you calm down when you feel anxious.

  2. Take a small box (not bigger than a shoebox).

  3. Decorate your box with your favorite colors, stickers, etc.

  4. Ideas of items to insert into the box:

- Smell: choose a soap bar \ mist bottle \ essential oil

- Visua: hotos of people or places you like \ coloring book \ favorite book or poem

- Touch: anti-stress ball \ fabric with your favorite texture \ plush doll

- Taste: sugar-free gum

- Sound: create a playlist of your favorite relaxing music

  1. Keep the box in your room where you can easily access it in times of need.

Emotions Door Hanger

  1. Download a template of a door hanger here.

  2. Make multiple door hangers, each expressing a different emotion (sad, happy, anxious, tired, busy, need a hug, etc.)

  3. Hang the appropriate emotion on your door as needed.


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