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Period Party:

Objective: to give your daughter the message that her femininity is something to celebrate and not be ashamed of.

1. Celebrate your daughter’s period in a fun period party.

2. Food ideas: red fruit and vegetables, velvet cake, red fruit punch.

3. Music: in addition to your daughter’s favorite music, you can play some funny songs about the or her period. See page 24 for sun song ideas.

4. Include a meaningful activity to celebrate this special moment (see activities below).

Menstruation Calendar

Objective: to help girls connect with their menstrual cycle and understand their bodies.

  • Create your own menstrual calendar using fun stickers, drawings, photos, etc.

Menstruation Art:

Objective: to express and internalize the meaning of menstruation.

  1. Write about your period on a blank page. How it makes you feel, why it’s important to have it, the power of feminine energy, etc.

  2. Cover some or all of what you wrote with acrylic paint. Use as many colors as you would like. Let the paint dry.

  3. Flip through old magazines and find images that represent what becoming of age means to you. Cut and glue the images.

  4. Add another layer of paint between the images you chose.

  5. Write down words that describe who you are.

  6. You can add more layers with stencils, stamps, paint, etc.

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