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Updated: May 8

On YouTube, Rodney Porterfield is an Art Teacher & Owner of Mr. P Studios. He has been teaching elementary art since 2006. Mr. P's instructional videos are popular with thousands of subscribers, and he was honored by his colleagues with the Teacher of the Year award! His videos are inspiring, intelligent, funny, and joyful. Mr. P shares an essential message with students and teachers. 

Uncovering the WHY behind your actions can magnify the impact of your work. For me, it's about using the power of art to spread joy. Once I realized this, everything I do is fueled by that purpose. 

It's not just about the art lessons; I strive to create an oasis, a space that students eagerly anticipate and that excites them. I want their experience to be life-changing so when they leave my classroom, they're better than before they came in. 

Remember, it's important not to give up. So, if we stumble upon a mistake, let's not be discouraged. Instead, let's see it as an opportunity to come up with another idea. Maybe we can turn it to our advantage, or, guess what? There's always another sheet of paper we can take and start over. It's not a setback, it's a chance to learn and grow. 

Don't be afraid to make mistakes. The path and learning on the way to becoming an adult is through mistakes. 

Check out Mr. P’s YouTube channel:

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