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The moment we saw those big green eyes, we fell in love. The prettiest, fluffiest, white cat we had ever seen. The softest, silkiest hair we had ever touched. Although your beauty was exquisite, it was your purrrrsonality that made you shine. You were so playful, friendly and you LOVED to cuddle with whoever wanted to. You were everyone’s cat really, but you were OUR baby.

Then one day, about 10 years later, we brought home a tiny little human. Your baby brother. At first you seemed to love it. You would watch over him and even cuddle with him. We were so excited for your brother to grow up with you, his first kitty. His first pet. He was going to play with you and learn how to love you as much as we loved you.

But day after day, your brother needed more attention which meant you got less. You did not like this or deserve it. You just wanted to play, wanted cuddles and affection that we could not give to you the way you needed. It broke my heart to see you so unhappy. We took you to the vet for a checkup and they said everything was fine. But it wasn’t fine. You were clearly unhappy. You had lived with us for 10 years as our baby but now, there was a new baby. You needed to be in a place where you could still be the baby, so we had to let you go.

Giving you to another home was one of the hardest things we have ever done. Even though we weren’t having to put you down, we were still having to say goodbye to our baby who we loved so much. Please know, we did not let you go because we didn’t love you anymore, we loved you so much that we had to let you go. We know you are in a place where you can get the attention you so deserve. We love and miss you so much, Pretty Kitty.

Love. Your first mommy and daddy


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