Co-Founders Who Love Mistakes

By Mayra Azanza

Not long after I created Mistake Many parents stater to express interest and ordered the doll for their kids. I realized there was a need for changing the narrative and approach to mistakes, so I attended a female founders event in Sunnyvale, CA.

I was very nervous… there I was, surrounded by amazingly talented women in technology… and I was a 40-YO mom with nothing but a doll! I was very self-conscious, nervous and excited at the same time. I was there to share the message that we need to talk about mistakes, change our minds about them and own them with pride, literally and figuratively.

Of course magic happens in the most unimaginable ways, and Mistake turned out to be the best conversation starter.  All those impressive, overly achieved female founders agreed that, had they had something like Mistake in their childhood, their lives would have been much easier and better.

But the message touched one heart especially: Hagit Segal’s.  She asked me a lot of questions that night, I could see how the ideas were bubbling in her mind and we had coffee a few days later.

What she brought to the table was beyond my own vision. She took my idea and ran with it… a humble doll now was this whole concept of learning, re educating society, changing our vision about failure, teaching children from an early age that, in order to be our greatest we need to fail, and that is absolutely ok. To open the conversation with parents and caretakers about the mistakes they make themselves when raising children. To hopefully change the education system and integrate mistakes as an essential part of the learning process.

I didn’t hesitate asking the big question: “would you be my cofounder?” She said yes.

Hagit has been the force I needed to run this quest and spreading the message.  Her creative mind, kindness, optimism and analytic brain is the perfect match to my strengths and we have many things in common:

We both are moms, we both are immigrants. We both make a lot of mistakes. We both speak English as our second language. We both want to make this world a better place, one mistake at a time.

And now it all ties together: a 9 year old girl, a concerned mother, an enthusiastic teacher, an entrepreneurial mom and the whole world, uniting forces to stop being afraid of failing, but instead, fearing never daring to do something new.

I hope this story touches your heart and you help me and Hagit to make this world a safe place for making mistakes for our children, their caretakers and educators. I hope you support us by getting your own your Mistake doll and take it with you to start that conversation with yourself, your family, your coworkers, your children and the children around you.

I hope this story touches the heart of that little kid you once were, the one that made that big mistake I asked about at the beginning of this article and you can tell yourself that it is okay to fail, that you love him/her and you’re proud of her/him because after all… success is a mistake that never gave up.

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