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Updated: Mar 17

In this powerful video, Lital Cohen shares her experience with bullying as a young girl in middle school. She talks about the shame and guilt she felt while she was bullied and gives parents tips to improve communication with their children and how to find out if their child suffers from bullying. Lital explains the "Green Light" model and shows parents how to determine what's REALLY happening with their children.

Lital has an encouraging and positive message to children who experience bullying. She points out that bullying is never your fault, no matter the circumstances. She asks children to take care of themselves and approach a trusted adult if they experience bullying, and she gives them hope that the future is bright and life will be good again.

Lital then talks to kids who bully others and expresses compassion for their pain. "people who are happy do not try to hurt other people," she says and offers her helping hand to anyone who needs it.

Lital Cohen founded CORE, a company specializing in training and promoting effective communication. Lital is a Public Speaker and Workshop Facilitator in the Silicon Valley area in California.

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