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Tear & Draw
  1. Take a paper that you don’t need (newspaper, stand paper, print paper).

  2. Tear the paper into random shapes, around the size of 1/4 letter size.

  3. Look at the shapes and think of what they remind you?

  4. Draw or paint inside of your shape.

  5. You can keep your shaped drawings and later glue them on to another paper and draw additional elements to complete the artwork.

Paint Splashes
  1. Take a blank paper.

  2. Stain the paper with random splashes of paint / cold coffee / ink.

  3. Let the stains dry.

  4. Go back to your paper and try to find shapes, animals, or objects in the stains.

  5. Create your own unique art with the stains: you can draw, add more paint, glue elements, etc.

Artistic Stroll
  1. Visit a museum and try to find the pencil lines and “mistakes” in famous artwork, write about that and share with your class!

  2. Take your sketchbook and pencil and go to a local market. Observe unusual objects and draw something inspired by those objects.

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