A Nice Pick

That morning my newlywed husband asked me to pick him up from work in the afternoon, it was his way to push me a little off my comfort zone because I had been reluctant to drive our car. The VW Golf  wasn’t a stick drive and I had never before driven an automatic car (How could I trust the thing will actually change gears by itself, c’mon!?)

I dreaded looking at the clock as the time approached to drive over to his work.  He gave me all the instructions in Spanish “The security guard will ask you where you’re going.  You tell them and they will let you in.  You park at the front of my building, call me and I will come out in like 10 minutes.”

I practiced the whole thing in my mind.  When the time came, I called my husband and he gave me the instructions on how to drive the automatic car (yes, I learnt how to drive an automatic car over a 2-minute phone call) and I made it in one piece to the security hut and, just as my husband had told me, a very nice guard asked me the purpose of my visit.

That’s when not paying attention in that particular English class really made me pay a toll… My brain said “vengo a recoger a mi esposo” and my mouth said “I’m here to pick my husband.”

The security guard’s face turned beet red, his smile grew so big showing his shiny pearly whites and choking a big laugh he said “by all means… go ahead… and good luck”

Yeah I didn’t get why was he laughing, but I was too overwhelmed to care.  As I left the building with my husband sitting in the passenger’s seat the guard winked at him and kudos to me.  I am sure he’s still laughing at this memory.

Me? Well it literally took me years to finally understand the whole joke. This 20-something latina gets into a tech building to pick a husband! And they say romance is dead...

Moral of the story: laughing at your mistakes is actually very good therapy.

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