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Dear Me,

I am writing this letter 10 years after what looked like “the devastation of your life”. I perfectly remember the pain you are going through, the uncertainty, the endless sadness, those long sleepless nights that dried your eyes out of tears.

You had a strong reason to feel that way. After all, what you envisioned for your life shattered like crystal in a small amount of time. Then came the uncertainty “How am I going to survive alone? I have failed.”

I know that right now you feel like the most insignificant, miserable caterpillar on Earth, but I have news for you: caterpillars turn into butterflies. Big, shiny, colorful butterflies with majestic wings that take them far away.

Now you are going through a long, dark tunnel. But you will come out through the other end, those tears will stop sooner rather than later and so will the sadness and pain. This will make you stronger.

You will discover incredible things about yourself, you will achieve things you didn’t even dream about and later on, you will understand that divorce does not mean failure. Failure is getting stuck in a place where things don’t work, where you are not loved, where there is no room for you to grow.

People change and evolve, not everyone evolves the same way and that’s nobody’s fault. Rest assured that you have done everything humanly possible to save your marriage (time will prove that to you) and that you are indeed brave because it takes a lot of courage to make the decision to move on, reinvent yourself and restart.

Many things are said about divorce: that it’s a bad thing, that it’s not easy, that it should be the last resort, but nobody ever tells you that it also is a second chance in life, and you should take that opportunity with the right attitude.

Now, I don’t want to give you spoilers of your future life, I just want to tell you that there are some pretty cool things coming your way: you will be reborn, you will make great new friends, that you will travel, and you will smile again Spend time with yourself so you can discover how amazing you are.

One last thing: believe it or not, time will heal your heart. It will take years, but you will love again with the same intensity, and you will be able to trust again.

Stay strong. I love you.

By Anonymous Writer for Mistake Club

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