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Escaping Perfectionism

Workshop Objectives:

  1. To empower educators with the awareness, tools, and strategies necessary to recognize and escape the perfectionism trap.

  2. By understanding the effects of perfectionism on personal well-being and professional performance, participants will learn to challenge and replace limiting beliefs with healthier perspectives.

  3. Through practical exercises, discussions, and accountability measures, educators will develop a roadmap towards embracing excellence over unattainable perfection, fostering resilience, and confidence.

Workshop Overview:

Educators will delve into the complexities of perfectionism, gaining a deeper understanding of its origins, manifestations, and detrimental effects on personal well-being and professional success. Educators will learn to recognize and challenge their perfectionist tendencies, replacing limiting beliefs with healthier perspectives. This workshop will empower educators to embrace imperfection, set realistic goals, and prioritize personal growth, ultimately fostering a culture of continuous improvement and self-compassion in their classrooms and beyond.

Target Audience: Educators working with elementary school children.​

Length: 2 Hours


Setting: Online or in person


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